Chicos burgers london

Chicos burgers london
So @chicos_london had been on my list for a while now, a few nights ago, I finally tried them and honestly I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. 😍
What we ordered:
◾️Smash Burger Meal: This is a two 3oz Aberdeen Angus beef patties, smashed on the grill, American cheese, sauteed onions and Chico’s secret smash sauce served in a toasted buttery potato roll. Served with fries and a drink. £10.10
◾️Grilled Chicken Burger Meal: Grilled chicken breast, cheese slice, garlic mayo, lettuce, red onion and cucumber. Served in a fresh toasted seeded bun. Served with Fries & Drink. £8.60
◾️Loaded Fries: Fries topped with shredded chicken, mozzarella cheese and special sauce. £4.95
◾️Drinks: Strawberry Mist & Guava Spark.
So I ordered the Chicken Burger (typical me) and honestly it was sooooo good! The chicken was cooked to perfection, seasoned perfectly and tasted absolutely delicious. The fries were really yummy too. I chose the Guava drink – which was delicious!
Onto the Smash burger – I had a bite of this one, as my sister ordered it. And even though I’m not a fan of meat, I have to say it was SO GOOD!!! 😍 The way it just melts in the mouth! And it didn’t have that “meaty” smell either.
Super soft and tasted amazing.
Next time I think I would eat a whole one myself 🤣 – I genuinely couldn’t fault any of the burgers.
The Strawberry drink wasn’t to my liking as it was slightly bitter but apart from that everything was amazing.
Last but not least, the Loaded Fries – “once you take a bite, you won’t stop” quoted by @thatgirlspeaksfood 🤣🤣 YES THEY WERE THAT GOOD! They were topped with chicken, cheese and a special @chicos_london sauce which was amazing.
I was SOOO UPSET that they didn’t have the milk cakes in stock. But I guess that gives me an excuse to go back 🤣
Covid friendly ⁉️ Masks worn by customers ✅ Masks worn by staff ✅ Social distancing ✅
Price: Very reasonable 💰 Rating: 5/5
I would definitely be back to @chicos_london very soon.

Chicos burgers london
Chicos burgers london
Chicos burgers london
Chicos burgers london