Pizza Union Restaurant

Pizza Union Restaurant

Pizza Union Restaurant

🍕Italian Pizza Bar 

✌️Superfast pizza from just £3.95

📍Aldgate, Hoxton, King’s Cross, Spitalfields & Dalston now open for takeaway and on Deliveroo.

Pizza Union Restaurant

I know yesterday was world pasta day but here’s a picture of a delicious pizza instead to start off the week right.

I don’t think I can recommend Pizza Union enough to anyone looking for a real taste of a Roman style pizza.

Everything about the pizza here is impressive; from the thin & crispy crust to the mozzarella cheese to the tomato sauce.. This is my most visited restaurant with no doubt, and my go-to order is always a Margherita or Quattro Formaggi because I like my cheese to be quite bold.

The best part is that the prices here are crazy cheap, starting from £3.95 for a Margherita.

It simply doesn’t get any better than this!!

And you know I love me a good Italian pizza

They also offer gluten-free pizza, which I find to be really considerate of them as many of my friends are coeliac.

Honestly, save your coins and replace your Domino’s weekends in here instead.